What Is a Surety Bond?

If you’ve been arrested and you are looking for Surety Bond Colorado Springs, you’re probably wondering what a surety bail bond is. In short, it’s a kind of agreement between the person in jail and the bail bondsman. This agreement is in place in order to get the bond deposited into the account of the bail bondsman. The funds will be deposited by the bail bondsman in the account.

surety bail bond

In return, the person in jail will return the money to the bail bondsman, who will, in turn, deposit the funds into the bond account. The bail bondsman can cash the bond, and once the amount of funds in the bond account is cleared, the bond automatically expires. Should there be a legal requirement for a bond, the bail bondsman will get the money from the bond account.

With this arrangement, all parties involved, including the defendant and the bail bondsman, can benefit. The defendant has the opportunity to get out of jail on bail. The bail bondsman in return gets a guarantee that the defendant will be back in court when required to appear.

There are many advantages to a bond. Most of them have to do with preserving the defendant’s freedom and maintaining public confidence in the system. Also, the individual who puts up the bond is assured that he or she won’t be held accountable should the defendant not pay the bond.

However, a surety bond is not without its downfalls. In short, a surety bond is an agreement between the two parties. Both the bail bondsman and the defendant must take part in the negotiations.

When you sign up for a surety bond, you may have the option of going it alone. Or, if you have a good lawyer, you may choose to do so. Some states require that the defendant be represented by a lawyer who specializes in criminal law.

A surety bond may be an option to consider if you want to save some money on the price of bail. A surety bond can also prove to be useful if you were going to have to go through a lengthy court procedure. You might consider getting a surety bond to help you get out of jail quickly.