Locksmith Services

What exactly does a Locksmith perform? Locksmith is an oxymoron as the profession is more complex than a locksmith. Locksmith is a trade term given to a person who makes or repairs locks or keyed doors or devices. Charlotte Locksmith performs key duplication, repairs, and replaces damaged keys. They sometimes even sell keyed doors. In this article, we will look at some of the services offered by a local locksmith.


A locksmith can make or mend new keys for your new home or business location. However, it is known that making a new key for a door or window is an improbable event, so the locksmith will have to find a brand new key. When looking for a new key, the locksmith will ask several questions that determine your needs and preferences. These questions are: where did you store your key(s), were you able to get a replacement copy, were you able to get a new key issued through your company, were the keys lost or stolen, and most importantly, where did your key take place?

To repair or replace a lock, a locksmith is usually required to assess the problem. If a faulty key is the root cause of the problem, the locksmith will recommend a course of action to repair the problem. If the problem is due to something else, the locksmith will need to identify the source and then correct the issue. Sometimes replacing a key with a new one or repairing the lock will resolve the problem and all you have to do is indicate that in the form of a completed form.

There are many different types of a locksmith serving all kinds of customers with all types of locks. Some locksmiths also offer other services such as opening safe doors, opening jammed locks, opening fire doors, repairing safes, changing deadbolts, etc. Safes are not the only thing that a locksmith can do.

The other services a Locksmith offers may include:

  • Opening a bank vault.
  • Opening a car door.
  • Changing an existing lock.
  • Opening a water heater.
  • Changing a key on a bicycle.
  • Unlocking a door of a car.
  • Opening a door at the front of a house to retrieve something or enter a house in the dark.

A locksmith can also open doors for you if the door frame has been damaged. This type of service is called rekeying. A locksmith will also rekey your front door and front windows. This service is often referred to as deadbolting. Locksmith also offers door lockers that can be locked and unlocked from the inside.

Many homes have security systems with deadbolts on their doors and windows. However, when a family has a burglar who finds an unlocked window or a door open, they will likely take the keys to these locks to gain entry into the home. This is where the services of a qualified Locksmith come in handy. Locksmiths make it their job to change locks on doors and windows to make it impossible for anyone to enter without the correct keys.

There are many different types of Locksmiths, but the majority of them are considered expert locksmiths. They are trained and certified in many different locks such as keyless entry, access control systems, electronic door locks, master keying systems, combination locks, etc. A Locksmith can also provide many different security services. These include installing panic buttons, installing IP video systems, remote security system monitoring, etc.

Many people fear Locksmith services because they think that these individuals will not get the keys for their locked doors or windows. But any qualified Locksmith can get a hold of the correct keys and open any door or window you have. But, before the locksmith gets the keys for your house, he will usually run a check to see if the door or window locks have been changed. If the lock has not been changed, the locksmith will usually recommend that you do this because it is better to replace the existing locks with new ones than have the locksmith open the door or window to find out that the locks have been changed.