City of Dreams

Igor Santizo © Tim Matheson
Igor Santizo © Tim Matheson

City of Dreams is a new theatre work that explored Vancouver’s social histories, topographies and cultural memories. The central image of the work is a poetic map of Vancouver constructed from hundreds of found objects that were assembled during performance. This physical mapping of Vancouver was mirrored by a soundscape composed of recorded and archived audio materials, from environmental sounds, snatches of song to oral testimonies. City of Dreams premiered at the 2011 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Director Peter Reder
Sound Designer Tom Wallace
Lighting Designer Kyla Wallace
Stage Manager Noa Anatot
Performers Alexander Ferguson, Melanie Kuxdorf, Lisa Ravensbergen,
Igor Santizo, Hazel Venzon, Maiko Bae Yamamoto
Technical Directer Jayson Mclean
Producer Caleb Johnston

Click here to listen to City of Dreams soundscape © Tom Wallace and Peter Reder


Johnston, Caleb. (2011) Adapting City of Dreams: staging an urban imaginary. Canadian Theatre Review 148: 32-37.



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