Urban Crawl is dedicated to creating art that produces sites for physical and social dialogue. Our artistic vision is guided by the belief that the arts can facilitate sites of popular politics and interdisciplinary exploration. We are committed to an arts practice that is socially and politically engaged. Our work is steered by local issues, and whether theatre, dance, visual arts, sound or the written work, we work from the position that art can be used to create an important critical public sphere—the likes of which are far too rare these days. We are committed to collaborative models of working, and are particularly interesting in dialogue and exchange with artists working across disciplines and the community at large. We are engaged with connecting locally, nationally and internationally with artists and communities who share common goals and interests. In developing and presenting innovative works, we are committed to experimental, interdisciplinary border crossings that disrupt any easy separation between art and politics. 

Caleb Johnston, Artistic Director

Deborah Heard, Associate Producer


Board of Directors

Wyckham Porteous
Alisdair Butcher
Caroline Liffmann
Marcus Youssef
Melanie Kuxdorf
Eli Kirby